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Global DNA




Through a realistic, engaging, hands-on learning experience, students explore why companies choose to compete internationally. As they gain insight into multinational operations, they are challenged by differing market conditions and their influence on strategy. GlobalDNA allows your students to apply what they have learned, supporting their strategic thinking with tactical implementation.

Learning How to Compete and Operate Multi Nationally

Businesses face unique challenges and complexities as they begin selling on the global stage. GlobalDNA allows students to take over a simulated company distributing products in three regional markets of various sizes and growth rates. The interactive interface provides students with key information to answer critical strategic questions.

  • Does your product require customization to meet specific regional demands?

  • How will you position your products to fit each region's unique preferences?

  • Will entering another market lead to a significant shift in your business strategy?

  • How will exchange rates, tariffs, and shipping costs impact your margins?

GlobalDNA is perfect for International Business, Global Strategy, and Global Marketing courses. The program is available as a tournament (team-based exercise) and can be completed in the classroom, online or both depending on your course structure and syllabus.